Taking a new leap from a leader in the Korean automobile seat industry to a global mobility space solution specialist

Since its establishment in 1968, Daewon Sanup has led the Korean automobile seat industry with endless passion and dedication to make the best automobile seats.

Now, we will take a new leap forward as a global mobility space solution specialist based on the spirit of character development, corporate prosperity, and national foundation that has been established in the efforts of the past half century.

In the era of future autonomous vehicle, seat will be a key component that delivers the value of space. In addition to providing safer and more comfortable ergonomic seats, we are working hard on research and development for seats that optimize the customer’s moving experience in line with the changes in the interior space of future mobility.

Moreover, we practice ESG management as a leader in the new era that values that people, environment, and society. We will create business value through continuous improvement by identifying risk and opportunity factors related to business activities from the environmental, social and governance perspectives. We will create social values beyond seeking economic benefits and establish ourselves as a global standard in the future mobility seat industry.

All of our executives and staff will devote ourselves to meeting the expectations and needs of all customers who supports Daewon Sanup Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive OfficerJAE MYUNG HUR
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