Daewon Sanup is committed in developing ESG management framework with an objective to create sustainable values for the plant and achieve harmony with customers and local community.


Developing eco-friendly technology for the future

  • To realize sustainable mobility with advanced technology in eco-friendly seat solution without doing any harm on the planet.
  • We will lead the green economy by building a circular structure of resource use from sheet manufacturing to disposal.


A corporate culture that contributes to social advancement

  • Our utmost priority is the rights of all employees and stakeholders.
  • We have created a sound corporate culture to ensure the safety of all the people.
  • Our CSR activities are targeted to create shared values for the local community.


Fair and transparent management policy

  • We believe in management strategy that enables preemptive responses to risks through a transparent governance structure.
  • We protect the rights of the shareholders by adopting ethics and compliance management and ensuring that our board members are equipped with expertise and responsibility.

Core Values

Environmental Protection

  • Increased use of eco-friendly energy resources and manufacturing process
  • The willingness to address climate change and take action


  • The sense of awareness to grow with the community
  • Community activities for the marginalized groups of society

Technological Innovation

  • Research on eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Development of human-friendly wellness product

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Declaration of human rights and develop a systemic management policy
  • Build a safe work environment

Supply Chain Management

  • Ensure trust in partnerships and transaction safety
  • Establish a regular communication and support system

Ethical management

  • A transparent corporate governance structure
  • Active communication with stakeholders