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Be the BEST! (Beyond, Enthusiasm, Specialty, Team Work)

With passion and tireless efforts to go beyond the limits, we have secured competitiveness in global seat technology by working with leading experts in the industry.

Front view of technology development center
In 1990, we established an R&D center to drive technology innovation. It was renovated in 2017 to accommodate new research facilities and test equipment. Based on our systematic approach to R&D, we are extending our efforts in research and investment to secure leading technologies for the future by working closely with universities, research institutes and industry partners.

Research Achievements

Daewon Sanup has secured original technology and IP rights for a variety of seat solutions with a determination to provide innovative experience and values to passengers in the mobility environment. We have continued our efforts in seeking innovative technology to lead the future.

170 issued patents related to elementary technology in seat mechanism (as of December 2021)

  • Various patents related to core technology in seat mechanism and MPV
  • Expansion of patents in PBV mechanism and technology in Electronic Control Units

R&D Capability Seat mechanism with innovative technology and a touch of trendiness

Our design is aimed to provide customers with an amazing sensory experience according to future mobility trend and customer needs. We are making ongoing efforts to research innovative seats that offer optimal performance for various types of interior space. By conducting a pre-analysis on strength, structure and function of products, we can enhance design quality and achieve the highest level of safety and reliability through assessments on various use cases.

Research and Planning

Obtain future seating technology for EV and self-driving cars


Discovery of designs and R&D through an analysis of future mobility trends


Robust design for safety, function and quality assurance


Quality management of the initial design through pre-verification


Evaluation of product rigidity and performance prediction