Seats inside the vehicle

Customized solution for comfort and safety

Car seats must be durable, functional and esthetically pleasing as a core component to the interior of a vehicle. Daewon Sanup adopts a differentiated technology and certified manufacturing system to provide a seat solution that satisfies diverse customer requirements and delivers the best ride experience.
Seats inside the SUV

The seat that offers a smooth ride even for off-road adventures

Increasingly, we are demanding car seats to be multi-functional - to offer the same comfort and convenience features of a sedan as well as suitability for off-road travels and leisure activities. Our seat solution has the features available to meet your needs, whether for camping, leisure activities or car camping.
Seats inside the vehicle

Lightweight yet sturdy

We provide lightweight functional car seats that are affordable which will allow you to maximize confined space inside the vehicle. Based on our business experience in small and compact cars, we are developing the next generation car seats which are most optimal for micro EVs and small PBVs.
Many seats inside the vehicle

Car seat with maximized practicality

Our product line varies from relax fit car seats for minivans which provide the ultimate comfort of first-class flights for many purposes such as business and leisure trips to a flexible seat solution that offers additional cargo space by simply folding or removing the seats. Our major focus is to develop a seat solution that will be applicable to the next-generation PBV based on our skills and knowledge in developing seats that can accommodate multiple passengers.