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Partnership for the Future

Daewon Sanup is striving to become a global innovator by working closely with partners to establish an impartial and transparent management system with a strong belief that only when we work together can we create greater values that are sustainable.

Core Values for Mutual Growth

Not only as a business partner but as a companion, we will establish a management system that promotes mutual growth and improve competitiveness.

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Fostering fair trade values

  • Reinforcing trust and partnership
  • Stabilizing management of partner companies
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Contracting on fair terms and conditions

  • Cooperation and protection for new technology
  • Quality and management innovation
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Prevent unfair trade practices

  • Establish an active communication channel
  • Fair terms of payment

Mutual Growth Management Activities

Fair Trade

To create a culture of fair trade with our partners, we follow the ‘Fair Transaction in Subcontracting Act’ and recommendations from the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC). In addition, we are faithfully performing the [Four Main Mandates for Subcontracting] to strengthen our internal regulation.

Strengthen Basis for Growth

We are providing growth opportunities for all employees by providing a practical competency reinforcement program and consulting program. We have a health safety reinforcement education to create a safe environment for our partners and to support the management system.

Technological Support

To strengthen the technical competency of our partner, we are providing CATIA education and license support policy. We are also co-developing patented technology for the mutual exchange of technology aiding our partners to build competitiveness.

Quality Enhancement

To stabilize the quality control system of our partner, we are assisting our partners in quality maintenance· enhancement activities such as customized support activities and continuous training.

Financial Assistance

For our partners to secure liquidity, we maintain a cash reserve ratio (CRR) and make payments within 60 days. To support the development of a competitive product, we have financial assistance policies such as advanced payment of the development cost.

Mutual Growth Events

We hold an annual cooperation council to share with our partners the current business status and issues to establish a support plan for co-existence and mutual growth in various ways.