Workers manufacturing products

Support solution to provide the best comfort

With a determination to deliver the ultimate comfort for our customers, we have built the systems required to maintain consistent quality in the entire process from seat foam design to manufacturing method and material development. Prior to product development, we identify the key factors that could potentially impact customer comfort and verify working products to ensure we are on track to satisfy evolving vehicle space and customer needs. We are also making ongoing efforts on researching eco-friendly materials and manufacturing process for a sustainable future.
Finished foam products

Optimal design for ultimate coziness

Seat foam is a core component that has a direct impact on passenger experience. Therefore, its material property and design are critical in determining the level of comfort. Daewon Sanup secures outstanding design and product development capability. A cautious material selection process considering the body pressure distribution of passengers allows us to provide the best experience possible.
Robotic arm making a product

Customized ergonomic technology

Seat foams should be soft to help reduce fatigue but also provide exceptional body support. We are currently applying various techniques to fulfill such ergonomic requirements and continuously seeking innovative approaches to further elevate the level of comfort.
Hands holding seedlings

Use of eco-friendly polyurethane materials for sustainable future

A human-centered and eco-friendly product is a must to sustain the future of mobility. Daewon Sanup has a strong focus on developing eco-friendly substitute materials such as biomaterials and recycling of polyurethane foam wastes through open innovation.