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Health and Safety Policy

We put the life and safety of our employees as our top priority and strive to comply with the 10 essential safety rules to establish a safety culture.

Our Will

  1. We strive to create a safety culture by complying with safety rules and actively participating in safety and health activities.
  2. We prevent major accidents by prioritizing the reinforcement of safety accident prevention activities in order to put the value of respect for life at first.
  3. We preemptively discover harmful and risk factors through risk assessment and make continuous improvement.
  4. We maintain and communicate safety cooperation system with stakeholders, including our subcontractors.

Goals and Key Tasks

Health and Safety Activities

Establish a labor-management safety culture

Labor-Management Safety Resolution

Based on a cooperative labor-management relationship, we comply with laws and regulations to establish a safety culture and participate in securing safe and healthy environment.

Labor-Management Joint Safety Training

We nurture safety and health experts and provide safety education for employees and business partners to strengthen safety awareness.

10 Essential Safety Rules

Daewon Sanup is dedicated to establish a safety culture by enacting and operating 10 essential safety rules for major risks to raise employees’ safety awareness jointly by labor and management.

5 Things to Comply With

5 Things to Comply With

5 Things Prohibited

5 Things Prohibited

Level-up Safety Management System

We operate a dedicated team to strengthen safety and health in our workplaces. This team is a specialized organization in the field of safety and health, striving to practice safety management by establishing a safety culture, establishing a systematic management system, and securing fundamental safety in the workplace.

Strengthen the Safety Capabilities of Business Partners

By offering technical support for the establishment of safety and health activity plans for the business partners, we are striving to improve the health and safety environment of our partners and achieve joint development. In addition, we provide a variety of information, such as supporting safety management evaluation standards, to help them strengthen the safety management capabilities on their own.

Establish a Management System for the Prevention of Serious Accidents

Reinforcement of safety diagnosis and safety technological capabilities

We are making efforts to introduce a warning system for serious accident prevention and develop risk assessment technology through technical support from specialized institutions.

Safety management for construction workforce

To prevent safety accidents by outsourced personnel, we are conducting mandatory safety trainings for employees and related stakeholders.