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We are, Mobility lifestyle Makers

Our R&D Center is focused on developing innovative seat system and space solutions to extend the interior space in future mobility environment such as EV, AV, UAM and PBV and obtaining differentiated and advanced technology to secure competitive edge to meet various customer demands in the ecosystem of mobility service.

Space Innovation

The mobility environment that we suggest is one where it provides a new customer experience through multifunctional seat mechanism and specialized solution that are applicable according to the purpose of use.

Human Interface

Our smart seat provides the utmost comfort and safety by interacting with customers. We closely observe the vital signs in various driving conditions by converging with AI technology.


We contribute to promoting sustainable mobility industry by developing eco-friendly materials to reduce carbon emission.

Transformed to a living space from a simple means of transportation

Diverse seat arrangements for the user, environment and purpose

Under the mobility platform environment of self-driving EVs, it is crucial to have a core technology that enables various seat arrangements and adjustments according to customer needs such as travel, medical service, store, living space, meeting and camping. Daewon Sanup has put dedicated efforts to provide a seat application that can be used for various purposes through transformable seat technology and Purpose Built Seat (PBS) to make the mobility space more worthwhile.
Multiplatform description

What kind of services do you need to take your mind off from driving?

As advancement in sensor and control technology has given the driver freedom, we are continuously seeking answers to what the customer wants in the mobility environment and what kind of seat solutions are required to maximize the value of the interior space. Daewon Sanup examines diverse scenarios and environment involving sleeping, media consumption, entertainment and pet caring. Based on our analysis, we are bracing for the future by leading the efforts in developing innovative space technology required to establish an advanced mobility ecosystem.

To go beyond the bounds of mobility

Daewon Sanup is committed to developing convenience modules and replaceable seats which can be applied for various purposes to provide the customers with an enhance mobility experience from a lifestyle perspective, by going beyond the limits to transform car seats to a living space without any mobility constraints and not simply a means of transportation.

A human contour shaped seat that is designed to fit the body perfectly

Autonomous vehicle and ride sharing is shaping the future of mobility industry which is evolving at a rapid pace. Thanks to its evolution, the interiors of vehicles have transformed into a living space, requiring the manufactures to consider not only the risk factors such as the driving and road conditions but also the seating requirements of passengers. Our smart seat provides a distinguished and human-centered experience by analyzing various vital signs such as the level of stress and heart rate.

Set to embrace mobility environment for sustainable future

Environmental considerations from manufacturing to waste disposal

There has been a paradigm shift in automotive design which is focused on sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The freedom of movement that the humanity has enjoyed has had a significant social and environmental impact. As part of our efforts to sustain the ecosystem of future mobility, we apply eco-friendly solutions that utilizes eco-friendly and bio-based contents.
Raw metal materials before processing

Development of Functional Biomaterials

We will continue our efforts to preserve the planet by using eco-friendly (biodegradable and recycled) and highly functional (flame retardant and elastic) materials in place of animal skin by applying a more ethical and sustainable method.
Raw metal materials before processing

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process

We adopt CDA (Co-polymer Dot-type-apply Adhesive), which is an eco-friendly manufacturing method that minimizes carbon emissions. We are making ongoing efforts to find an eco-friendly and innovative manufacturing process that will allow us to create healthier and cleaner mobility space.
Raw metal materials before processing

Recycling, Upcycling

We focus on developing an upcycling solution that uses recycled products in order to will create a new value and prevent environmental pollution caused by seat cover and plastic wastes.