Environment Policy

We contribute to a sustainable global environment for future generations by establishing an eco-friendly management system.

Environmental Activities

Minimizing negative environmental impacts through ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) has been established as our business policy, and the performance is monitored with a systematic management system.

Energy Management

We are striving to achieve a “Save Earth Factory” by conducting “Energy Recycling” and “Energy Efficiency Improvement Activities”. We regularly monitor the energy use and management for each site, manage the achievement rate of reduction goal for each site, and are actively preparing to introduce a real-time measurable FEMS (Factory Energy Management System).

Waste Management

We have a goal to establish a 5% annual waste reduction goal and recycle more than 50%.

  • All sites comply with applicable laws and strive to reduce the amount of waste dumped in landfills. At the company-wide level, we conduct thorough management and employee training on the separation of recyclables.
  • We recycle reusable resources as much as possible to prevent environmental pollution.

Expand the Use of Eco-Friendly Raw Materials

We aim to recycle more than 80% by developing eco-friendly materials/parts used in the product manufacturing process.

Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We have established and implemented a step-by-step roadmap of achieving RE100 to strengthen our response to environmental issues such as climate change. We are striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by checking and managing monthly emissions inside and outside of the workplace.